Meet Us


Miss Tracey

Miss Tracey is our talent manager and early childhood expert. She is a professional preschool entertainer and comedian. She has a combination of 15 plus years experience in television and online, including Body Parts, a live TV show broadcast at Chicago’s Lurie Children’s Hospital and several children’s television shows like Jack's Big Music Show. Miss Tracey holds an early childhood education degree, performs in both English and Spanish. She resides in Burbank CA.

Check out Miss Tracey's YouTube channel to see her style and content.

Connie Ostler Brown

Connie Ostler Brown is the owner of The Brown Cow Ice Cream Parlor outside Chicago where she has been running birthday parties and serving up happiness since 2004. Connie has 22 years experience running a nationally acclaimed creamery and cakery as well as expertise in business operations and corporate marketing.

You can check out her shop at


Francesco Forte

Francesco Forte owns Tech is My Forte, an independent small business tech solutions company. He helps small businesses with their IT and Networking solutions. Not only is he our technology guru, but he is also our resident professional jazz musician.